There's Just Something Sexy About This Week In Gaming Apps

I apologize in advance for any spontaneous swooning that might occur from watching the video portion of this Week in Gaming Apps.

Yeah, I don't know what I was doing there either. I was just kicking back in my chair with my trusty iPad, and the mood just hit me. It quickly faded, however, and the Earth was spared.


So let's put that horrible incident behind us and focus on the Week in Gaming Apps. It was a good week. There were nuns and stabbings and random steampunk. That's a good week.

Speaking of which, since The Week in Gaming Apps is now running on Mondays, perhaps the name isn't quite fitting, anymore. What else could we call it? I was considering Fahey's Sexy-Time App Extravaganza, but I'm open to suggestions. In the meantime, here's...

What I Played This Week


Champs Battlegrounds - Android, iOS - Free

Turn-based tactics meets real-time combat in this incredibly cool little fantasy battle game. The long story mode is nice, but the multiplayer is brilliant.


Knife That Guy - Android, iOS - $.99

Recently updated, this is a game about stabbing people on a dance floor. It should not be as compelling as it is.


Gleamer - iOS - $.99

An evil platformer where your velocity increases every time you hit a wall. Frustrating, in a wonderful sort of way.


Abyss Attack - iOS - $.99

An excellent shooter with a unique look and random steampunk, because random steampunk.


Reiner Knizia's Kaleidoscope - iOS - $.99

From the master board game creator comes a challenging puzzler about placing pieces in the right spots. Very smart.


Super Combo - iOS - $.99

Trace the right colored stars as quickly as possible, or you'll die. You won't really die. Frantic, simple goodness.


Mikey Hooks - iOS - $1.99

This pixel platformer is all about swinging and robots and coins and making yourself look very silly. I dig it.


Nun Attack: Run & Gun - Android, iOS, Free

Nuns and guns, the sequel! The running, it is endless.

This week's music: "Blown Out" by deeB

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