If You Hate This Week In Gaming Apps, You'll Love Next Week

Only one game in this installment of This Week in Gaming Apps is available on Android. That's sad, and we're going to make up for it next week, with a very special Android-only Week in Gaming Apps.

Next week will be completely iOS-free. Apple platforms have been hogging the spotlight lately, largely due to featuring new games prominently every week, but I we can work around that. We can certainly come up with 10 excellent, recent Android games to spotlight. How hard can it be?


While I spend a week answering that question, enjoy this week's selections. Some of them might come to Android eventually, and you'll be ready.

And if you are an Apple mobile gamer, try not to gloat too hard — there was a time the best game on an Apple platform was Photoshop.

What I Played This Week


Cloud Spin - iOS - $1.99

An Unreal Engine 3-powered romp with a bunny in a jetpack glider, which is pretty much all I need to survive.


Domo Jump - iOS - Free

It's one of them there endless jumping-type games, only this one stars Japan's number two export, Domo. Free, but it really wants your money.


Doodle Fill - Android, iOS - Free

Coloring abstract shapes has never been so rewarding, or frustrating, for that matter. Use four colored pencils to fill in blank spaces, only the same color can never border with itself. Torn from the pages of Games magazine. Is that still a thing?


Ben 10 Slammers - iOS - $.99

A nifty little card game based on the hit Cartoon Network show, which I completely lost track of after the first season when the hero was a small boy.


The Impossible Line - iOS - Free

In this game you have to trace a line from the start to the finish point. There are obstacles. They disappear when the level starts. Did you memorize them? Should have memorized them.


Lionel Battle Train - iOS - Free

It's a mobile tower defense game set on the trains we used to play with when we were our grandfathers, only now they have guns, which may have been what they were missing all along.


Solar Flux HD - iOS - $3.99

A cool puzzle game that uses the power of science to re-ignite dying suns and save the universe. It's rather groovy.


Gold Diggers - iOS - Free

An endless driller with a heart of gold. Dig, dig like the wind, only better than the wind because it's pretty slow about it.


Pirate Legends TD - iOS - $.99

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