What, you wanted a text Week in Gaming Apps? Well I wanted a pop filter, and I didn't get that, a fact that's p-p-p-painfully evident in this, the first all-video Week in Gaming Apps.


That's right, after years of spending my Fridays typing and taking screenshots, now I'm capturing footage, recording voice overs and learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Consider this a rough draft, as there are many things I need to polish next time. Those pop-up labels are far too small to read, for one. I need to trim the iPad capture to leave out the black frame. My audio is popping like crazy, the animated intro I hoped to have did not pan out, and I never got to sing, not once. We'll see if we can fix those next week. For now, we deal.


Oh, and since those labels were so small, here's the games from the video:

  • Tiny Pop — Android, iOS — Free
  • Riptide GP2 — Android, iOS — $2.99
  • A Ride Into The Mountains — Android, iOS — $.99
  • Gentlemen! — Android, iOS — $4.99
  • Chillaxian — iOS — $1.99
  • Blitz Block Robo — Android, iOS — $.99
  • Lums — iOS — $.99 ($1.99 HD)
  • Sky Tourist — iOS — $.99
  • Bird Zapper Seasons — iOS — $.99

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