Last week (well, technically last week) I introduced you all to the all-new, all-video Week in Gaming Apps. Some of you loved it. Others wanted a return to the classic format, with the giant pictures. So I did both, and that's why it's Monday now.

Do not question my decision. I do what I do. I say what I say. I try to be everything to everyone. I know all the right people, and I play all the right games, like Knightmare Tower, Rymdkapsel (which I am probably spelling wrong) and Kid Tripp.

Stay turned next week, when I will turn around, fall down and do it all again. I wonder if I'll ever learn? *does a stupid dance for you*

What I Played This Week...


Knightmare Tower - iOS - $2.99

After Stephen Totilo raved about Knightmare Tower during his review of the Ouya, I was eager to get my hands on the endless-riser for iOS. And then I never let it go. Seriously, it ate my weekend, and it's all Totilo's fault.


Rymdkapsel - iOS, Android - $3.99

The essence of real-time strategy/base-building gameplay. Totilo loved it on PlayStation Mobile. I love it here.


A Brief History of the World - iOS - $5.99

The popular era-hopping board game gets the iPad treatment, and it works incredibly well.


Pivvot - iOS - $2.99

It's a game of dodge-stuff with a nice beat and a clean, cool style.


Baby Nom Nom - iOS - $2.99

A clever twist on maze puzzlers, Baby Nom Nom adds grain groups and fruit collecting to the mix.


My Muppets Show - iOS, Android - Free

If you love My Singing Monsters, you'll at least recognize the design of My Muppets Show. It's pretty much a carbon copy, only with Muppets, and Muppets make everything better.


An Alien With a Magnet - iOS - $.99

You really need to watch the video to fully appreciate this one. You probably shouldn't.


Brick Roll - iOS - $1.99

I only just now realized this was a play on the phrase "Rick Roll". I am pretty dense sometimes. Good game, though!


Kid Tripp - iOS - $.99

Classic platforming with a mean streak. Not for the faint of heart or the easily frustrated, but perfect for folks looking for the rush of accomplishment.