The Weekend Is Cold And Lonely. Fill The Emptiness With Gaming Apps.

Did you guys see the Bests update for Android? It signals a renewed effort to cover the latest and greatest games coming to the world's most popular open mobile platform. That's going to have to do for this week.


I didn't play many new Android games this week, because I was spending all my Android time reviewing titles released earlier this year, ones we may have missed in our quest to deliver the best that platform has to offer. Meanwhile, over on iOS, all the cool things were released.

Double Fine's the Cave, for instance. Stardock's first mobile game turned out pretty well. There's a voxel space shooter, for crying out loud. It's been such a good week.

And now that we're at a good place on that Android Bests list, next week should be even better. Until then...

What we played this week:


The Cave — Double Fine — iOS — $5.99

Double Fine's three-way cooperative platformer might not play as well here as it does on consoles and PC, but the warm, fuzzy, mildly disturbing feeling is still there.


Lost Echo — KickBack — iOS — $2.99

It starts off a little bit slow, but once the mystery of this stylish adventure game grabs hold you will not be able to put it down.


Gunner Z — BitMonster — iOS — Free

Crafted with Unreal Engine 3 and featuring an often terrifying night vision view of the zombie apocalypse, Gunner Z the sort of game you need to see in action. Thank goodness it's free.


Dead Man's Draw — Stardock — iOS — $1.99

Stardock's first foray into mobile gaming has resulted in a really killer card game, where risk and reward is king. Well, that and screaming at the top of your lungs when your opponent is a douche.


Totems: Game of Conquest — Timecode — iOS — $1.99

This is about as simple as competitive strategy board games get while still remaining fiendishly entertaining. It's about claiming territory, and it's so much fun.


Space Qube — Qubit Games — iOS — $.99

It's a space shooter with a voxel twist. Blow apart cubed enemies and collect their parts to create your own vehicles. Share them online. Print them in 3D. Hug them with your mind.


Level 22 — Noego — Android, iOS — $3.99

It's a stealth action game, only you're just a guy late for work, trying to get to his desk before anyone notices. Hilarious.


Apple Dash HD — Strange Flavour — iOS — $2.99

A simple old-school arcade platformer, polished to perfection. Cute, cuddly, and maybe a bit pricey, but you get new hats. Everyone likes hats.


Edge of the World — Central Core Studios — Android, iOS — Free

Take turns sling-shotting your ship as close to the end of the world as possible without falling off. Pretty sure I've been tricked into Curling.


Well then, what did you play this week? Tell us, or we bring out spider monkeys.

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