Chinese Gamers Say They Don't Like Japan But They Like Japan's Games.

Over the last few weeks tension have been high between China and Japan. The situation over the territorial disputes has led to some brash decisions from all those involved, some of these actions had turned out rather violent.

As Kotaku reported, Japanese media was quick to point out some of the ironies of the… »9/10/12 6:01am9/10/12 6:01am

Forget the Booth Companion Insanity, What Makes this Game Expo Are the Gamers

Every year over the past decade, China Joy has been delighting video game fans in and outside of China. The most memorable parts of the show that are caught on camera often focused on the booth companions and some times the games. What gets left behind by all the glitz and glam of China Joy are the people that attend… »8/06/12 8:00am8/06/12 8:00am

The Decline of the Chinese Gaming Industry. One Dude's Opinion.

China's game industry to many, is nothing more than copy and pasting Western and Japanese games. China knows it, the world knows it. A Taiwanese game developer named "Marco" came out and talked about the possible death of the Chinese gaming industry.

The following are excerpt explains Marco's change from Taiwan to… »4/16/12 7:30am4/16/12 7:30am

The Three Biggest Gaming Companies You've Never Heard Of!

The Big Three »2/27/12 7:00am2/27/12 7:00am, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are names that almost every gamer recognizes. However, in China there are three companies that are just as big as those, and you probably have never heard of them before. Tencent, NetEase, and Shanda, three major Chinese companies that are expanding their reach beyond China.…