The 2014 Hearthstone Championship Trophy Is An Egg

Hearthstone is a game of ups and downs, where anything can happen at the drop of a card. That sentiment is even more true at competition level. This past weekend, China's Blizzard operator, NetEase, held the quarterfinals to their new Gold League e-sports event, and the HearthStone competition was fierce. » 1/19/15 7:00am 1/19/15 7:00am

World Of Warcraft Gets Another Mahjong Set

Last year, to celebrate Mists of Pandaria, NetEase and Blizzard released a World of Warcraft mahjong set. This year, perhaps due to the popularity of the Pandaria set, the companies are releasing a brand new set. » 12/31/14 3:00pm 12/31/14 3:00pm

Blizzard Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Chinese Hearthstone Clone

The makers of a Chinese Hearthstone clone have come out to the public to "refudiate" reports that they had been sentenced to pay Blizzard over $1.6 million. » 11/10/14 8:00am 11/10/14 8:00am

Survey Says Chinese Gamers More Interested In PS4

With the Xbox One dropping in China in September and the PlayStation 4 dropping some time later, Chinese news portal NetEase took the chance to survey netizens on their preferences. Turns out, Chinese users are more interested in the PS4. » 7/14/14 5:40am 7/14/14 5:40am

One Chinese Gamer Has Kept His Game Point Cards For Over 10 Years

Pre-paid charge cards for video games have been around for ages. They had them for NeoPets, they had them for Nexon games such as Gunbound, and they're super useful—but only until the points run out. But for one Chinese gamer, his collection of old point cards may just win him a brand new smartphone. » 3/31/14 6:00am 3/31/14 6:00am

NetEase's New League of Legends Clone Is Disappointingly Uninspired

A Three Kingdoms-based multiplayer online battle arena has long been over due. However, NetEase's attempt at creating a Three Kingdoms MOBA with Heroes of Kingdoms leaves much to be desired. » 9/16/13 8:00am 9/16/13 8:00am

Chinese Gamers Say They Don't Like Japan But They Like Japan's Games.

Over the last few weeks tension have been high between China and Japan. The situation over the territorial disputes has led to some brash decisions from all those involved, some of these actions had turned out rather violent.

As Kotaku reported, Japanese media was quick to point out some of the ironies of the… » 9/10/12 6:01am 9/10/12 6:01am

Forget the Booth Companion Insanity, What Makes this Game Expo Are the…

Every year over the past decade, China Joy has been delighting video game fans in and outside of China. The most memorable parts of the show that are caught on camera often focused on the booth companions and some times the games. What gets left behind by all the glitz and glam of China Joy are the people that attend… » 8/06/12 8:00am 8/06/12 8:00am

Meet China's Video Game Rumor Monger

As gamers, we all know that Blizzard, known notoriously for their "it's done when it's done," policy, is the master of building game hype.

In China, there are so many game companies filling the online space, meaning that marketing and hype has become somewhat problematic. Opting for the Blizzard method, some… » 5/07/12 7:00am 5/07/12 7:00am

The Decline of the Chinese Gaming Industry. One Dude's Opinion.

China's game industry to many, is nothing more than copy and pasting Western and Japanese games. China knows it, the world knows it. A Taiwanese game developer named "Marco" came out and talked about the possible death of the Chinese gaming industry.

The following are excerpt explains Marco's change from Taiwan to… » 4/16/12 7:30am 4/16/12 7:30am

The Three Biggest Gaming Companies You've Never Heard Of!

The Big Three » 2/27/12 7:00am 2/27/12 7:00am, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are names that almost every gamer recognizes. However, in China there are three companies that are just as big as those, and you probably have never heard of them before. Tencent, NetEase, and Shanda, three major Chinese companies that are expanding their reach beyond China.…

China's World of Warcraft Boss Steps Down

The company licensed to operate World of Warcraft in China - home to 4 million of the MMO's global installation base - still can't find smooth sailing after being cleared to operate the game's first expansion pack two weeks ago. » 2/25/10 8:30pm 2/25/10 8:30pm

WoW's Chinese Future Still Up In The Air

Having been suspended from operating in the country since November, it appears that World of Warcraft's future in China has been decided, and will be announced sometime this month. » 1/05/10 5:30am 1/05/10 5:30am

WoW Has Been Down In China For Nearly Three Weeks Now

As we've told you, Blizzard recently decided to change the company handling WoW for them in China. It was The9, and now it's NetEase. Or, it would be NetEase, if NetEase could actually get the game running again. » 6/25/09 6:30am 6/25/09 6:30am

World Of Warcraft Switches Chinese Operators

Blizzard is switching up operators in China for World of Warcraft, losing long-time operator The9 in favor of NetEase, already the operator of nearly every other Blizzard game in the country. » 4/16/09 11:40am 4/16/09 11:40am

NetDragon Announces "Disney Fantasy Online"

It's been one hell of a week for Chinese company NetDragon, who announced (along with EA) the development of a Dungeon Keeper MMO. In addition, they've announced the development of Disney Fantasy Online. » 12/06/08 2:30pm 12/06/08 2:30pm