Ocarina Of Time Has A New Speedrunning Champion

Accomplished Zelda speedrunner Cosmo, who's been regarded as the world's fastest Ocarina of Time player for a while now, has some serious competition. One of his fellow OoT racers recently dethroned him by shaving three seconds off the previous world record of 18 minutes and ten seconds. » 1/02/15 2:00pm 1/02/15 2:00pm

A Treasure Trove Of Old Ocarina Of Time Screenshots

Ocarina of Time might be the first video game where I obsessively followed its development. It was a pre-cursor to games culture today where we pore over video footage, speculate and — for want of a better terms — get hype. But back then it was screenshots. » 11/18/14 8:30pm 11/18/14 8:30pm

The Secret Behind Dodging Destiny's Goblins: Sitting

Guy Beats Mario 64, Zelda, And Goldeneye Simultaneously In 51 Minutes

Goldeneye 007, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 — all staples of the N64 that many of us have spent countless hours playing. Now let's watch this dude blaze through all three at once like it ain't no thing. » 10/13/14 6:00pm 10/13/14 6:00pm

How To Get The Sharpest Images Possible Out Of Your Old Consoles

If you've tried playing a retro console on a modern HDTV, you may not have liked what you saw — smeary, stretched images that are a far cry from the sharp chunky blocks of yesteryear. Luckily, there's a better way for purists to get a crystal clear image that doesn't involve buying an old CRT TV. » 8/26/14 4:15pm 8/26/14 4:15pm

Maybe The N64 Rainbow Road Isn't As Great As We All Remember

Rainbow Road on the N64 is the stuff of legends, so Nintendo set a high bar for itself when it remade the track for the Wii U. Many fans were dismayed by how much shorter it is compared to the original. But a new video from the brothers who hacked Mario Kart 8 makes a convincing case that the truncated version is a… » 8/26/14 12:30pm 8/26/14 12:30pm

Pierce Brosnan Kind of Sucks At Goldeneye

Here's Pierce Brosnan, playing Goldeneye with Jimmy Fallon. Brosnan's not the best at the game, but hey, that's OK. He can say he used to be James Bond. » 8/20/14 12:19am 8/20/14 12:19am

Twelve Goldeneye 007 Glitches You Might Not Know About

Secret agent James Bond doesn't just have gadgets and charm at his disposal. He can also count on a number of glitch advantages in Goldeneye—glitches which you can replicate in your own game. » 8/18/14 4:30pm 8/18/14 4:30pm

Link Dies 104 Times in this Ocarina of Time Supercut

Balls in the face might be the deadliest of them all, but the other 103 threats were still dangerous enough to take out the Hero of Time. At least in this video. » 7/29/14 5:40am 7/29/14 5:40am

New Ocarina of Time Glitch Lets You Shoot Arrows Without A Bow

Despite being released nearly 16 years ago, speedrunners are still finding neat glitches inside of Ocarina of Time. Take this "action swap" glitch that was documented over the weekend, for example—which lets you perform some cool item shenanigans. » 7/14/14 1:00pm 7/14/14 1:00pm

Look How Much Smash Bros. Has Changed Over Nine Years

The first Smash Bros. came out for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. The latest Smash Bros. came out for the Wii in 2008. So of course, the differences in looks are rather dramatic. » 7/08/14 5:40am 7/08/14 5:40am

Guy Turns Nintendo 64 Into Hot Pink Barbie Corvette

Your boring old grey console is totally lame compared to this hot pink Barbie Corvette that craftsman Robin Graves turned into an actual working N64. » 6/18/14 2:30pm 6/18/14 2:30pm

The classic N64 shooter GoldenEye 007 lives again for a few minutes, thanks to a modder, William Kjellgren, who remade one of the most known maps of the game, the Facility, using the Far Cry 3 engine. » 6/11/14 8:30am 6/11/14 8:30am

Nintendo Says Americans Like Kirby When He's Angry

"You won't like me when I'm angry" might make sense as a tagline for an angsty green monster like the incredible hulk. A pudgy little pink one? Not so much. » 4/29/14 11:00am 4/29/14 11:00am

Artist Vincent Bisschop redrew two boss fights from The Legend of Zelda games in a really atmospheric way. Here's Queen Gohma above, from Ocarina of Time, and Kalle Demos below from Wind Waker. » 4/23/14 8:30am 4/23/14 8:30am

This Portable N64 Is A Work Of Art, And There Are More Coming

We've seen portable retro consoles before, but this N64 mod is beautiful. Not only that, but it looks like there will be more of them on the way, so you just might be able to get one. » 4/08/14 12:30pm 4/08/14 12:30pm

Eight Things You Might Not Know About The N64

Just because you've used the N64 before doesn't mean you know everything about it, hotshot. The 18 year old console has a curious history behind it, after all. » 3/10/14 3:30pm 3/10/14 3:30pm