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Pod Racing and Playing GoldenEye with a Proper Dual Analog Controller for the Nintendo 64

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A UK modder wanted to do a favor for his American buddy, who is still obsessed with Star Wars: Episode I Racer 13 years after it released on the Nintendo 64. In the game, if you enter a certain code you can use two N64 controllers to control the pod racers' engines independently. So how would that game play if both sticks were housed in a single giant controller?

That's what modder Clarky here sought to find out. He's not particularly good at Racer but in this demonstration, you see the controller working both engines, as promised (skip to 5:15 of that video to see him race). Another reader in the Bacteria modding community pointed out that N64 classic GoldenEye also had a twin analog mode. (You can see GoldenEye at 8:45)


It may seem like a lot of trouble for something with a limited application (and could probably be built with less of a hassle.) But it looks very cool to merge the controllers' original housings together, and Clarky did a hell of a job making this thing look pro. His friend also is a hell of a lucky guy, to get something like this built as a favor.