The grappling hook is a brand-new tool in 117's arsenal, and it looks just as versatile as you’d expect. In the footage, Chief uses it to both pull objects toward him and pull himself toward ledges.

Another new addition is a highly stylized map. Here’s a snapshot:

Image for article titled Here's Halo Infinite Gameplay, Including The New Grappling Hook
Screenshot: Microsoft

It’s unclear whether or not this map is an indication of an open-world Halo, a return to the wider levels of Halo games, or something along the lines of Halo 3: ODST. For those craving more Master Chief adventures, all possibilities are surely welcome, right?

Well, the way things are shaping up, Infinite might be the end to Chief’s story—or, rather, the beginning of the end. Speaking to IGN, Chris Lee, of 343 Industries, said that Halo Infinite will be “the last standalone release for the franchise for the foreseeable future.” Planned updates—of both the narrative and technical variety, including ray-tracing—will be added to Infinite over time. No word yet on if another seven galaxy-obliterating rings are in the works for planned content.


Halo Infinite is out “holiday 2020.” It’ll release on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC, and be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.