Metal Gear Solid's Intro Has Been Remade In Unreal Engine 4

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It’s been 20 years this week since the release of the original, groundbreaking Metal Gear Solid, and to celebrate a fan has taken the 1998 game’s intro movie and completely remade it in Unreal Engine 4.


Here’s the original in all its blocky glory:

And here’s the new version made by Erasmus Brosdau, which not only completely redoes the visuals, but cleans up some of the audio as well, and adds a few edits and extra flourishes here and there just because it’s 2018 and he can:

We’ve actually featured Erasmus’ video work before: he’s the same guy who worked singlehandedly for years on a Warhammer 40K short that ended up better than anything official that’s ever been released.

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Luke Plunkett

Very much enjoying the fact we’re now at a point in time when we can look at PS1 visuals like this and think, you know what, this looks really really great.