Erasmus Brosdau, an art director at Crysis developers Crytek, has been working on a Warhammer 40K short film (in his spare time!) for the past six years. It’s now done, kind of, and it’s been well and truly worth the wait.

Positioned as a prologue for a wider story, this 9-minute video may not have the world’s best voice acting, but the art and animation is lightyears ahead of the last official 40K animation, Ultramarines.


And the way it puts us on the ground floor of the universe, seeing it come alive like this...this is a view of the 40K universe I would love to play through.

The project “has the blessing” of Games Workshop, and over the years grew from Brosdau’s sole work into a team effort. While this short is being released now, a “final short movie” will be out next year completing the story.

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs

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