Sony Overdoes It With LittleBigPlanet LocoRoco Costumes

Okay, Sony. Stop the cute train, we want to get off. On paper, blending the adorableness of LocoRoco » 11/18/08 7:40pm 11/18/08 7:40pm's blobs with the preciousness of 's Sackboy looks like a win-win. In practice, though... :( We'll just keep chanting "Ico and Yorda Sackboy costumes!" until it becomes reality. If you don't agree and think that this…

LocoRoco Coming To (Japanese) Mobile Phones

Proof you can't keep a hopping, adorable mass of singing blobs down, Sony have today announced that LocoRoco will be making the jump from Sony console to mobile phone. And not as an "interactive screensaver", either, but as a proper LocoRoco game. It'll be priced at ¥420 (USD$3.80), and goes on sale...oh, today! … » 7/31/08 3:30am 7/31/08 3:30am