LocoRoco 2 Plops Onto PSP This Year

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The creator of the original LocoRoco for PSP, Tsutomu Kouno, may think the PSP needs fewer sequels, but that's not going to stop him from giving us more yellow blob rolling fun. He's hard at work on LocoRoco 2, a game Kouno says will have "new gameplay based on physical calculation and crowd AI."

The good news is that it's due this year, at least according to Claire Backhouse, a product manager for Sony Computer Entertainment UK. It was casually mentioned as one of the games that will inspire PSP owners to think "Oh yeah, I own a PSP" in a recent chat with MCV.


With the PlayStation 3 entry in the series, LocoRoco Cocoreccho, little more than a glorified screen saver, we hope that Kouno and team have something interesting planned for the PSP sequel. Perhaps something that takes advantage of all those new PSP accessories?

PS we love you [MCV]

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@Spoony Bard: Because it's a totally made up language. Srsly. They made up a new language for Loco Roco. There are even certain phrases that you learn after hearing over and over for awhile. Lieeek a phrase that translates into something like "OMG AN ENEMY!" and another that means something liek "OMG A SECRET PATH!"

And oh yea, can't wait for Loco Roco 2. I should finish up the first one too. xD Anyone else still play the Halloween+Christmas levels from the demos too? Been on my memory stick forever.