We've bemoaned the lack of LocoRoco merchandise previously. For a franchise so steeped in cuteness, it's a mystery as to why we aren't drowning in plushies and other assorted pieces of licensed crap.


No sooner do we say that aloud, though, and Sony go and drop this on us. The LocoRoco 2 sweepstakes, which is offering LocoRoco stuff as part of the prize package. Sure, at the moment these are relegated to "prizes", but there's always the chance they'll later be offered to those who just want to pay money for them.

First is this novelty pen, which blends the pen of the 80's with the Sony handheld mascot of the 00's. Watch as, when you tilt the pen, the LocoRoco float around in their little plastic, fluid-filled prison world!


Following the pen is this stress toy. Which is really a balloon with a LocoRoco's face on it. Sounds tempting, but why would we want to squeeze a LocoRoco, Sony? They're the good guys. You should have made the stress toy one of the bad guys and...oh, right, Legal probably put a stop to that one.

LocoRoco 2: Don't Worry, Get Loco! Sweepstakes [PlayStation]

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