Okay, Sony. Stop the cute train, we want to get off. On paper, blending the adorableness of LocoRoco's blobs with the preciousness of LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy looks like a win-win. In practice, though... :( We'll just keep chanting "Ico and Yorda Sackboy costumes!" until it becomes reality. If you don't agree and think that this rainbow of Sackboy get ups is worth your $2.99, they'll be yours for the garish taking starting this Thursday in North America. That's when the five-piece combo meal of brightly colored Sackboys hit the PlayStation Store. A second option is the Sack-in-the-Box costume, a free, television be-headed alternative. It's creepy enough to get some hard drive space. LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update [PlayStation.blog]