Hi Tsutomu Kouno. As the guy who made LocoRoco, and who is making LocoRoco 2, what do you think about...uh, Tsutomu? "......" So...yeah, LocoRoco 2 looks pretty neat, and...uh, Mr. Kouno? Hello? "......"


So went some parts of today's interview with Tsutomu Kouno. Just a few. And the guy wasn't being rude at all. He's a really sharp, really nice guy. He was just totally into LocoRoco 2. Couldn't stop tapping his feet during the new rhythm-action sections, couldn't stop humming along to the new character's songs. It's great to see that, despite having done nothing but work on LocoRoco for the past 3-4 years, Kouno can still completely lose himself in the game. It's definitely a lot more encouraging sign for the game than any bullet point or press release could ever manage.

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