LocoRoco 2 Revealed In New Famitsu

That Sony Computer Entertainment is going back to the LocoRoco well for another chance at acclaim and fortune should come as no surprise. The game's director, Tsutomu Kouno, has been chatting it up for ages and even SCEE reps confirmed it for a PSP release this year. Good then, that Sony got around to confirming its existence in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu.

According to details translated by 1UP, LocoRoco 2 looks to stick to the formula of the first pretty closely, with new music, new bosses and the ability to bite more things — that's a bullet point, for sure — topping the list of new features. Following sequel evolution tradition, your Locos can now swim. Amazing how that always seems to take an iteration or two.


LocoRoco 2 Confirmed, Detailed [1UP]

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