Sony is letting you have LocoRoco2 for a song. In brand new video game terms, that's $19.99 USD or, in SCEA pricing terms "the cost of just two movie tickets."

Following a PSP pricing strategy similar to the one SCEA used with the original Patapon, the sub-twenty dollar scheme may simply be a "please, please, please don't pirate this game." LocoRoco 2 lands in the United States and maybe even Canada on February 10 at that low, low price. Luke loved it, maybe you will too.


If you need any further incentives to pick up the game, Sony's also giving away demo vouchers at select retailers if you pre-order. What else can these people possibly do to get you to love them, already?

Get LocoRoco 2 for the Cost of Just Two Movie Tickets! []

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