Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune Will Answer Your Questions Tonight

Wanna know more about Mighty No. 9, or the history of one of gaming's legendary franchises? Well, you're in luck. Kotaku's next live Q&A will star Keiji Inafune, father of the original Mega Man and its spiritual successor, who also worked on countless other games, including the Onimusha and Dead Rising series. »9/23/13 8:45am9/23/13 8:45am


Dave Fennoy Answers More of Your Questions About The Walking Dead, His Awesome Hair and Other Stuff

Since our live Q&A with Dave Fennoy went up *just* as we were having some technical difficulties on the site, the incredibly talented voice actor who voiced Lee in The Walking Dead wasn't able to answer all of your questions right then and there. I was, as I'm sure many of you were, disappointed. »1/11/13 2:00pm1/11/13 2:00pm

The Actor Who Voices Lee in The Walking Dead Is Answering Your Questions Live

Exciting news, everyone! David Fennoy, the voice actor behind the wonderful The Walking Dead's Lee, is going to answer your questions live, right here. Let him introduce this latest live Kotaku Q&A for you in the video above. (Which was stolen from yesterday's piece, so don't worry! When he says "tomorrow" it… »1/10/13 12:30pm1/10/13 12:30pm

Planetside 2's Art Director and Creative Director Are Answering Your Questions Live [Interview Closed]

Planetside 2 »11/28/12 2:45pm11/28/12 2:45pm launched just last week. Have you guys picked up the yet? What do you think so far? Or maybe you haven't picked it up yet. Or, if you're like our own Luke Plunkett, maybe you've had trouble getting into the game. Maybe you have a few questions for the MMOFPS's senior art director, Tramell Isaac, and…

The Lead Designer Of Guild Wars 2 Is Answering Your Questions Right Now (Q&A Closed)

ArenaNet's massively multiplayer Guild Wars 2 has been out for a few months now, and many of us here at Kotaku really like the game. Like any MMO, it's already changed quite a bit since launch, and ArenaNet has begun regularly adding new content, quests, and gear to extend the game's life well into the future. »11/15/12 5:40pm11/15/12 5:40pm

The Creators of the New MechWarrior Online Are Here To Answer Your Questions...Right Now! [UPDATE: Interview's over]

Everyone loves the idea of driving a giant mech, yes? Maybe fighting other mechs while in the process? That's what MechWarrior is known for, and that's what the new IGP-published MechWarrior Online is bringing back. The upcoming free-to-play game looks cool, but perhaps you have a few questions about it? »11/07/12 1:51pm11/07/12 1:51pm

Hi. Kotaku Editor-In-Chief Here. I'll Answer Your Questions Right Now.

Hey, Kotaku readers, every so often I like to check in with all of you and find out how you think we're doing. This time, I thought we'd use our nifty, new Live Q&A system to answer your best questions about what's going on with Kotaku, why we're doing this or that, what we can do in the future, and so on. »8/31/12 12:30pm8/31/12 12:30pm