The unusual multiplayer shooter Hybrid continues the Xbox 360's Summer of Arcade this week and the guy who thought up the game, 5TH Cell creative director Jeremiah Slaczka is here to answer your questions about it and, well, about anything else you want to ask a game developer.

A server problem may have kept you from trying the game yesterday, but it's up and running now. All fixed and good to go. Surely, you've got some questions? I imagine one of them might be how in the world someone thinks up a shooter that plays as distinctly as this one?

(If you didn't know, in Hybrid, you can't walk or run around in it; it's 100% cover-based, as you pick and jet toward cover points on the floor, walls and ceiling as you shoot with full analogue freedom.

Ask them below. Slaczka, who usually answers questions for Kotaku's Ask a Game Developer Anything, is ready to answer.

UPDATE: The interview is over. Thank you to everyone who asked questions!