Ask The Creators of Assassin's Creed III Questions. They're Here To Answer Them. Right Now. [Interview Closed]

Illustration for article titled Ask The Creators of emAssassins Creed III/em Questions. Theyre Here To Answer Them. Right Now. [Interview Closed]

Did you play Assassin's Creed III? Did you have any questions about it? Questions other than why the tree climbing is so awesome or how in the world you trigger naval trading?


You're in luck. We've got two of the top creators of Assassin's Creed III right here, ready to answer your questions.

Ask your questions below. The game's creative director, Alex Hutchinson, and one of its scriptwriters, Matt Turner, will be answering for an hour. Have at it!

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Luke Plunkett

Hi guys! I'm curious as to how much of the game, in particular the story, was left on the cutting room floor. It feels like there are sections, especially once the war kicks off, that just...aren't there. Was this a time constraint thing, or are there gaps to be filled in with DLC, ala earlier games?