One Of The Designers Of Guild Wars 2 Is Answering Your Questions Right Now

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Last weekend's Guild Wars 2 beta just concluded, and the folks at ArenaNet are getting the game touched up for its August 28 launch. You've seen the game at cons, you've read our coverage, and if you're lucky, you've even played for yourself.

Guild Wars 2 is almost here. Surely you've got some questions.

Mike Zadorojny, a content designer at ArenaNet and expert on all things Guild Wars 2, is here to answer your questions live for the next hour. Wondering about class balance? Curious about the game's story? Want to know more about how leveling and co-operative play will work? Want to know what they've learned from the beta? Ask away.


Zadorojny will begin answering questions at 3PM eastern.

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I participated in two of the three beta weekends. In both weekends I was part of I was able to sample all classes/races and the first couple of main story quests of each. I took a single character in both weekends to around level 20. I found my eagerness to play weening around level 15 out of a possible 80. I did all the events I could find, got 100% map completion in the starting area, and did a lot of exploring of the corners of the map so to speak.

First, the grind from 15-17-ish seemed horribly long and got rather boring. I can't imagine how bad the grind is going to be to max level. What, if anything, are your plans to make the grind less....well "grindy"? Are we, as players, expected to replay events repeatedly within that grind or are areas beyond the starting zones more diverse in terms if quests or events?

Secondly, with level scaling, it almost seems like replaying content is encouraged, even from the early stages of the game. I expect that to be more end-game PvE. End-game content can make or break a game like GW2. The Old Republic, for example, had virtually no real end-game content and they have lost almost 500,000 players since launch. What are your extended plans for PvE end-game content and how important in non-PvP endgame content to you?

Thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A.