Illustration for article titled One Of Those People Who Brings Japanese Games To America Is Answering Your Questions Right Now [Interview Over]

Ever wonder how a Japanese game makes its way to the U.S.? What exactly does video game localization consist of? How many millions and millions of video game letters get translated from Japanese to English every year?


Here today we have Jessica Chavez from XSEED Games, a small game publisher you might recognize as the company behind wonderful games like The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Half-Minute Hero and the recently-released RPG The Last Story. You might also recognize their friendly (and hilarious) Twitter account, which Jess also runs.


She's going to take your questions for the next hour or so. Ask them in Kinja below.

Update: Interview's over! Thanks for participating, folks. Jess is sorry for any questions she couldn't get to.

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