Athene, The 'Best Gamer In The World,' Is Taking Your Questions Right Now

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Surely you've heard of Athene, right? He's the best gamer in the world! He's got all kinds of world records, in everything from World of Warcraft to online poker. He can beat Diablo III's first boss in less than a second. His online fans are legion, and with their help he's farmed the most powerful weapons, beaten the toughest opponents, and raised gobs of money for charity.


And for the next hour and change, he's answering your questions right here.

Some of Athene's various achievements:

  • World record for the most hands of poker played in 1 month (1 Million)
  • First in the world to beat Deity in Civ V.
  • World's best Dexter in Ultima Online
  • Four separate World of Warcraft speed-leveling world-records, and the world's first level 80 and 85.
  • First Starcraft II player to beat 4 insane AI
  • Top ranked in the hardest WoW battleground in the world
  • World's first level 60 in Diablo III
  • Only gamer to ever beat ever boss on Diablo III blindfolded

For more of his videos, check out his YouTube channel.

The Kinja Q&A is open, so ask away. Anything goes—Athene will start answering questions at 2:00 East Coast time.

Update: The Q&A is now closed.


Travesty Chandler

So, I've never personally watched a lot of your videos, and I've only recently heard about you. I was however, wondering how you felt about all of the people that say that you're videos make you look like a cocky asshole(I've heard that one quite a bit) and that you just donate to charity to make yourself seem a little bit less selfish(not hear as often, but it still comes up now and then). I'm curious to hear how you feel about these insults that get slung at you, and also, whether or not you see yourself as a role model for other gamers longing to be the best at what they do.

So answer that, in question form, please. :D