We'll Answer Your Questions About The Wii U [UPDATE: Q&A Over]

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The next generation of consoles is finally upon us.

On Sunday, the Wii U will launch in the United States, and although some might snark that it's not really a "next-gen" machine, it is the first new console we've seen since 2006.

That's exciting.

We at Kotaku have played the Wii U. We've got two in our office, and we've spent the past couple of weeks testing them out and playing around with both software and hardware on the shiny new machine. We've let co-workers try it out. We've written about what we love (and don't love). And we've reviewed two of the biggest launch games: New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land.


But you still probably have a lot of questions about Nintendo's new console. Shoot them below and we'll try to get everything answered. We can't talk about everything until Sunday, but we'll address whatever we can. So go ahead and ask!

Update: Q&A's over! Thanks for chiming in, folks! We have to head out of the office and work on more Wii U coverage to prepare for launch day, but thanks for your questions, and apologies if we weren't able to get to yours. We'll try to do another one of these next week when we can answer more questions.

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Darth Stewie

Another question if I may. How have the games been so far with regards to using the controls to move, say, Mario while also trying to use the stylus to do things like make blocks appear via the control pad? It seems like this might a bit clunky and/or cumbersome. Hope you know what I'm referring to...