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The Creators of the New MechWarrior Online Are Here To Answer Your Questions...Right Now! [UPDATE: Interview's over]

Illustration for article titled The Creators of the New emMechWarrior Online/em Are Here To Answer Your Questions...Right Now! [UPDATE: Interviews over]

Everyone loves the idea of driving a giant mech, yes? Maybe fighting other mechs while in the process? That's what MechWarrior is known for, and that's what the new IGP-published MechWarrior Online is bringing back. The upcoming free-to-play game looks cool, but perhaps you have a few questions about it?


We've got developers from MWO studio Piranha Games ready to answer, live, right now.

Ask your questions below. Piranha president Russ Bullock and MWO creative director Bryan Ekman are answering.


We'll be winding this down at 3:15 ET or so.

And... we're done. Thanks, everyone!

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Greg the Mad

It's the first time I've really heard of that game so I'll have some questions, if's they're dump (because it's already something widely known) skip them:

1) I learned to love MW on my XBox as a action game, but I know that it is based on a PC Simulation game.

How will your game balance those two approaches?

I'd love to see if you could play it both ways, both with their own advantages and disadvantages.

2) In MW Lone Wolfe you could jump out of your Mech (in a smaller Mech). Will you be able to do something similar in MWO? Like for example in a PvP match jump out before your Mech explodes to save your life and so a save a ticket.

It would also be interesting to run back to base on foot, between battling Mechs.

3) On a scale from old Mech Warriors (fixed Mechs) to Chrome Hound (build your own Mech out of parts), where is MWO's Mech customization?

4) Will you support different kinds of Mechs (Scout, Attack, Defence, Repair, Transporters, Artillery), or only the classic Combat-Mechs?

5) Did you think about a integration of the