Illustration for article titled Ask One of the People Who Made emSleeping Dogs/em Some Questions. Hes Answering, Right Here. [Interviews Over]

Sleeping Dogs is coming out next week. It's an open-world game set in Hong Kong. You're an undercover cop. You can use martial arts. You can play it a little like an RPG. And you can even hit people with fish. Really!


Perhaps that doesn't answer all the questions you might have about this PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game. In that case, we've got the game's executive producer, Stephen Van Der Mescht, ready to answer your best questions right here.

Type your questions into the box below. He's ready to respond. We're doing it live! And we'll do this for about an hour and wrap at 2pm ET. Fire away!

Update: The interview is over. Thank you to everyone who asked questions, and to Stephen, for responding to so many and even crafting a haiku!

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