See The NGP, And Its Games, In Action!

Late last week, Sony revealed its new portable, currently codenamed NGP, to the world. Perhaps you read my liveblog? Now you can watch the real thing, complete with English voice-overs. » 1/31/11 3:00am 1/31/11 3:00am

Metal Gear Solid 4, Lost Planet, Yakuza Shown In PSP2 Form

The PSP2—or the NGP, as its currently codenamed—may be powerful enough to play PlayStation 3-quality games. At today's coming out party for the next-generation PlayStation Portable, Sony and friends showed just that. » 1/27/11 4:00am 1/27/11 4:00am

Resident Evil Studio Working On Two Big Original Titles For 2011

It's January, typically gaming's slow month. But Capcom, best known for Street Fighter and Resident Evil, is hard at work on two big time original games. One will make you question Capcom's sanity. » 1/26/11 9:00am 1/26/11 9:00am

Pikmin Says Hallo! On iPad

Lost Planet producer Jun Takeuchi may not be the artist Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is, but that didn't stop him from whipping up this awesome little drawing for us at Captivate on the iPad. » 4/23/10 10:00am 4/23/10 10:00am

Capcom Wrestles With Xbox 360 Disc Restrictions

The PS3's Blu-ray format offers developers plenty of space to fill. But the Xbox 360 doesn't use Blu-ray, it uses DVD. That makes things tricky if a studio is planning to release a multi-platform title like Lost Planet 2. » 2/18/10 5:00am 2/18/10 5:00am

"Cultural Differences" Mean Capcom Developer And West Can't Collaborate

Capcom have been big on Western collaborations lately. Two Bionic Commando games, Dark Void, Dead Rising 2, all have been handled by Western teams. But not everybody at Capcom's Japanese HQ is as keen as management to "go west". » 12/07/09 11:40pm 12/07/09 11:40pm

Takeuchi: Japanese Gamers Need Western Gamers' Curiosity

Usually, when a country's gaming scene struggles, game creators take the heat. But an Edge interview with Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi suggests gamers could also be to blame. » 11/02/09 7:00pm 11/02/09 7:00pm

Capcom: Developers "Delighted" About Wii PS3 Port Possibility

Arcade games to the Wii? Why not. Xbox 360 games to the Wii? You betcha. If only there was a way to bring Wii games to the PS3 and vice versa. » 9/18/09 12:00am 9/18/09 12:00am

You Will Fly In Lost Planet 2

During a Q&A session following the Comic-Con 2009 Lost Planet panel, game producer Jun Takeuchi let slip that players would be taking to the air to do battle against the Akrid in the game's sequel. » 7/24/09 9:03pm 7/24/09 9:03pm

Capcom Developer vs. From Software Developer On Xbox 360

Different folks, different strokes. Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi (Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet 2) has good things to say about the console. What about From Software's Masanori Takeuchi? » 6/30/09 5:00am 6/30/09 5:00am

Resident Evil 5 Producer Meets His Chief Critic

Reporter N'Gai Croal sparked a debate when he commented a year ago about his gut reactions to the racial dynamics of the first Resident Evil 5 trailer. Recently, he and the game's producer met. » 5/19/09 1:40pm 5/19/09 1:40pm

Meet Resident Evil 5 Producer

That's Jun Takeuchi. He's the producer of Resident Evil 5. You can meet him. Today, even. From 2:30pm to 4:00pm, Takeuchi will be appearing at the Redmond Town Center Gamestop in Redmond, Washington. » 3/13/09 7:00am 3/13/09 7:00am

Lost Planet 2: The Trailer

Earlier today, Capcom officially announced that it is working on a sequel to Lost Planet, one that will feature jungles and be produced by Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi. » 2/23/09 10:00am 2/23/09 10:00am

Capcom's Jun Takeuchi on the Rise of Western Gaming

Speaking at this week's DICE conference in Las Vegas, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi talked about Japan's shrinking importance in the global gaming market. » 2/19/09 2:00pm 2/19/09 2:00pm

DICE Rolls Out Speakers: Riccitiello, Takeuchi Will Say Awesome Things

This year's DICE Summit is bringing in the video gaming industry's big guns. Who will be talking about the business of Designing, Innovating, Communicating and Entertaining? EA's John Riccitiello for one, with an encore performance. » 1/15/09 4:40pm 1/15/09 4:40pm

Resident Evil 5 Producer On Resident Evil 2 Remake Chances

Capcom's entering the home stretch for Resident Evil 5 » 11/14/08 3:00am 11/14/08 3:00am — or better yet, the home stretch of the home stretch. The game's out next spring, and the game's producer, Jun Takeuchi, hinted to game site Eurogamer than an announcement was forthcoming. When quizzed about possible DLC, Takeuchi replied it was something they…

Resident Evil 5 Producer Likes New Controls Better

In hopes to pleasing all of the people (or at least some of them), Capcom is offering not just one, but two Resident Evil 5 » 10/11/08 10:30am 10/11/08 10:30am control schemes. producer Jun Takeuchi in early September that the game would be getting a new input layout. While we had heard that the new controls would be run-and-gun in the vein of a…

Resident Evil 5 Will Have Realistic Guns, "Breathing" Clothes

Details are important. Really important. When gamers play a title and something looks off, they notice it right away. No wonder Capcom spent so much time recreating realistic guns and clothes. Capcom had to make the guns realistic guns because, as Takeuchi puts it, many Americans probably have held real guns. About… » 10/01/08 2:00am 10/01/08 2:00am