Capcom Developer vs. From Software Developer On Xbox 360

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Different folks, different strokes. Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi (Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet 2) has good things to say about the console. What about From Software's Masanori Takeuchi?


According to Capcom's Takeuchi, when Capcom was developing Devil May Cry 4, he thought this was the Xbox 360's limit. But again, when they were making Resident Evil 5, the game fit within those boundaries, and ditto for the upcoming Lost Planet 2. "I was like," says Takeuchi, "'This hardware is deep!'" He goes on to say that he was surprised and that "This is good hardware."

While From Software's Masanori Takeuchi is not disparaging about the Microsoft hardware — but rather, the situation it puts Japanese developers in. According to Takeuchi, developing for the Xbox 360 is "difficult". "Japanese game makers want to make games for Japan," he explains. But things like the low install base in Japan mean that developers must think about creating titles for a larger audience. "The fact that you must make games for a global audience," he explains, "makes the Xbox 360 a difficult platform."


Hey, in this sluggish Japanese game industry, making hit games at home isn't easy either.

カプコン竹内「Xbox360は深い」、フロムソフトウェア竹内「Xbox360はキツイ」 [はちま起稿]

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