What If The PlayStation Vita is Just Another PSP?

I worry about Sony's new PSP. After the shock of the impressive visuals of Sony's next-generation portable, the PlayStation Vita, had become familiar, after the pleasant surprise of the new handheld's price settled in ($249 USD, the launch price of a PSPgo), I started thinking about the harsher realities of the Vita.… » 6/21/11 10:00pm 6/21/11 10:00pm

Crowd Jeers News that AT&T Is Exclusive 3G Provider for New PlayStation

The announcement last week that AT&T will be the exclusive 3G provider for the hot new PlayStation Vita did not go down well. » 6/14/11 12:40pm 6/14/11 12:40pm

We Played the NGP's First Wave, The Future of Portable PlayStation…

Uncharted Golden Abyss is the best reason, but certainly not the only one, to buy Sony's still-codenamed Next Generation Portable. [Read our impressions] » 6/02/11 12:00pm 6/02/11 12:00pm

Who's Calling the NGP 'Vita' Now? Sony!

Strong evidence that Sony's Next Generation Portable would actually be called PS Vita emerged earlier this week. That's still unconfirmed, but Vita is now looking more likely, thanks to a new source: Sony itself. » 6/01/11 4:40pm 6/01/11 4:40pm

Your NGP Games May Look More Like This

While Sony wowed the crowds with the quality of the NGP's graphics at the handheld's unveiling last year in Tokyo, this clip may give us a more realistic idea of what to expect from the PSP's successor. » 4/14/11 3:40am 4/14/11 3:40am

The PlayStation Portion Of E3 Starts... Here?

We've been asked by the people behind PlayStation to save the date. June 6, 5pm Pacific. Los Angeles. That's when their big E3 press conference will happen. That's when we'll probably find out about the biggest and best gaming plans for the PS3 and NGP, at least for the next year. » 4/12/11 2:30pm 4/12/11 2:30pm

Japan's Earthquake Could Cause Delays For Sony's NGP

The launch of Sony's next PlayStation Portable, currently codenamed NGP, may not be a global affair this year, in part due to the massive Tōhoku earthquake and deadly tsunami that slammed Japan last month. » 4/04/11 6:00pm 4/04/11 6:00pm

Resistance And Ratchet Creators Focusing On PS3 & Xbox 360, Not NGP

Insomniac Games, creators of PlayStation staples Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, say they'll continue to stick to console games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but not the next PlayStation Portable, Sony's NGP. » 3/29/11 9:20pm 3/29/11 9:20pm

A Little More Uncharted NGP Gameplay

Sony brought one of the most dazzling games for its new NGP system, Uncharted, to its talk at GDC 2011. While we've seen some of this gameplay before, even shaky cam footage that doesn't capture the NGP's big, bright OLED screen is exciting. » 3/03/11 1:00am 3/03/11 1:00am

Sony's New NGP Isn't Quite As Powerful As A PS3, Despite What You've…

The next PlayStation Portable, Sony's recently announced NGP, won't rival the PlayStation 3 in terms of raw computing power, despite its impressively good looks. Sony engineers say the NGP instead sits about "halfway" between the original PSP and PS3. » 3/02/11 11:00pm 3/02/11 11:00pm

Why Sony's New Handheld Has A New Way Of Interacting With You

As we saw when the product was first unveiled, Sony's upcoming NGP won't be using the company's trademark "XMB" user interface. It'll be using something new. Why is that, Sony? » 2/16/11 1:00am 2/16/11 1:00am

A PlayStation 3 In Your Pocket, And Maybe A Game Store Too

Sony's Next Generation Portable sounds like a portable gaming machine powerful enough to replace the Playstation 3 home console, but it's actually meant to augment the experience, Sony Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton says. » 1/31/11 10:00am 1/31/11 10:00am

Epic Games: Sony's Next Gen Portable is a "Pretty Huge Deal"

Launched earlier this week, Sony's hefty NGP already has quite a number of game developer fans. Among them is the company behind Gears of War, Unreal Tournament and Bulletstorm. » 1/28/11 2:30pm 1/28/11 2:30pm

How Sony Can Make Their Next Gen Portable A Must Buy

Today, Sony is on the handheld gaming campaign trail, preparing for us to vote with our dollars this fall. Should you buy an NGP — the successor to the PSP — in late 2011? » 1/28/11 12:00pm 1/28/11 12:00pm

Did The Next Generation Portable Steal 3DS Thunder?

Kotaku commenter Truthtellah was really excited about the 3DS. Now that Sony has outed it's Next Generation Portable, he's a bit less excited. Did Sony steal some wind from Nintendo's sails? That's your topic for today's Speak-Up on Kotaku. » 1/28/11 11:20am 1/28/11 11:20am

The Best Thing About The NGP Isn't New Technology

Sony's Next Generation Portable has a lot of fancy, no doubt expensive new equipment inside it. And you know what? None of it matters. Why? Because the thing has two thumbsticks. » 1/28/11 7:00am 1/28/11 7:00am

The NGP Won't Drive Like Your Old PSP

Ever since the release of the PSP in 2004, Sony has made the "XMB" its trademark user interface, not just for PlayStation products, but many of its other devices as well. With the NGP, the XMB is out the window. » 1/28/11 4:00am 1/28/11 4:00am

Call of Duty For NGP 'Will Set The Bar' For Next-Gen Portables

PlayStation Portable owners haven't seen a Call of Duty game on their platform since 2007's Call of Duty: Roads to Victory. That will change with the arrival of the next generation PSP, the NGP, says Activision. » 1/27/11 7:30pm 1/27/11 7:30pm

NGP's Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance and More in Action

The unveiling of Sony's Playstation Portable replacement, the NGP, came with one slick, game-packed video showing off a dozen or so games on the device. » 1/27/11 4:30pm 1/27/11 4:30pm