Your NGP Games May Look More Like This

While Sony wowed the crowds with the quality of the NGP's graphics at the handheld's unveiling last year in Tokyo, this clip may give us a more realistic idea of what to expect from the PSP's successor.


It's a technical demo for Trinigy's Vision Game Engine running on the NGP, showing off the kind of texturing, lighting and effects Sony's new handheld is capable of.

You'll notice that, even for a tech demo, things are looking a little...sparse. Now, this may be down to the quality of the engine itself, but could also be down to the fact that NGP games may not look quite as good as they did during Sony's carefully hand-picked press event.


Not that this is a bad thing! I'd much rather be let down gently months ahead of the NGP's release than be hit in the face come launch day. Especially when, all things considered, the above clip still looks damn good for a handheld gaming system.

[via Pocketgamer]

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Want to know why I won't be purchasing an NGP? Sony doesn't support or garner support from the space games industry, especially the simulation side. When looking at graphics, space games are typically the best looking kind of game, and if this is relying on pure graphics to draw us in with a few gimmicks thrown in, I see no reason to purchase it. I know, it seems odd, but... if the PSP is any indication, Sony handhelds just do not provide what I am looking for. Uncharted and God of War and all those action games are shallow fluff, and... why bother paying for something you already played and paid for, if it was simply graphical fluff the first time around?