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Epic Games: Sony's Next Gen Portable is a "Pretty Huge Deal"

Illustration for article titled Epic Games: Sonys Next Gen Portable is a Pretty Huge Deal

Launched earlier this week, Sony's hefty NGP already has quite a number of game developer fans. Among them is the company behind Gears of War, Unreal Tournament and Bulletstorm.


"I've played our demo on it and I've played Dungeon Defenders on it," said Epic vice president Mark Rein. "I think Sony has done a great job with this device and that it caters to many gaming experiences."

Unreal Engine, the popular game engine found in titles as diverse as the iPhone's Infinity Blade, Xbox 360's Gears of War, has already been customized to work on Sony's new platform, Rein said. Adding that the NGP is "in the same class as the Playstation 3."


"We're already impressed with what we're able to do with it today and we're really just getting started," he said.

Rein declined to say what games his company may be working on for the device, but pointed to how quickly the cross-platform tactical RPG Dungeon Defenders was able to make the jump to the NGP.

"At Sony's PlayStation event we showed Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders game on NGP," he said. "It was a great demonstration of Unreal Engine 3's fantastic cross-platform capabilities.

Trendy had never even seen NGP prior to coming to our office and in under a week they delivered the fully playable version of the game we showed on stage... If we had given them another week they would have shown us NGP playing against PS3 as well – they already plan to deliver that functionality when they ship the game."


Rein calls the NGP a "pretty huge deal" for not just Playstation fans, but gamers.

"A truly portable high-end gaming experience just seems so awesome to me," he said. "I've said for a while that triple-A isn't going away, it's going everywhere. The idea of a portable device that delivers the kinds of high-performance dual-analog stick experiences I can get on a console definitely appeals to me as a gamer and the NGP can do that and so much more."

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The unreal support on iPhone and hte NGP, combined with the fact the NGP is rocking hardware essentially a couple generations above the iPhone 4 means porting games from iOS to NGP could be pretty easy. The touchscreen means they should run without much need for tweaking controls too.

It's tooting my own horn (but I did put a fair bit of effort in that chart) but you can clearly see how similar the iPhone 4 n NGP hardware is.


I forsee Angry Birds as a launch title.

And tbh it's great that unlike other console manufacturers Sony really are taking Apple as a thread to their market seriously. This device does everything the iPhone does, and with buttons and Sony's first party n third party line up on top.

It's gonna be amazing for the game support this can have.