Crowd Jeers News that AT&T Is Exclusive 3G Provider for New PlayStation

The announcement last week that AT&T will be the exclusive 3G provider for the hot new PlayStation Vita did not go down well.


The scene is Sony's big PlayStation showcase in Los Angeles last week, an event that helped kick off the annual E3 promotional circus of upcoming video games. We've got several thousand video game industry professionals and reporters mostly cheering or politely clapping for each piece of PlayStation news. And then they say this thing gets to have the lightning-fast AT&T mobile broadband network as its exclusive 3G provider?

Yeah, I'm sure iPhone customers still fondly reminisce about the days when AT&T was their exclusive option.


(Note: The first take in the video here is from Sony's official feed of the event; the second was pulled from YouTube.)

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Theres a couple of things I just dont get about this whole thing.

First of all, I dont have a problem with AT&T. I cant even remember the last time a call was dropped. I have a 15 dollar data plan in case i need to check directions or emergency emails or something, other than that I use my phones wifi. When places like McDonalds and Tom Thumb have wifi, i dont see the point in signing up for a data plan. Especially for something like a game console, which is the second thing I dont get.

I cant imagine needing a connection 24/7 to play games.

I dunno, whatever. Im cheap. I pay 28 dollars for AT&Ts dsl and its served me fine. maybe Im not the target for this.