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Sony is almost universally expected to unveil an all-new PlayStation Portable at a special press event in Tokyo today. We're there, right now, in the front row, camera and keyboard at the ready. Please, won't you join us?


UPDATE: The Liveblog has ended, but our coverage, including hands-on, game impressions, interviews, photos and more, continues here.

The times and dates for the commencement of the event are as follows. The liveblog is already open - we'll be having a little group chat about what's in store and answering your questions - but the actual press conference won't begin until the following times:

Kotaku Time: 11 p.m., Jan 26
East Coast: 1 a.m., Jan. 27
West Coast: 10 p.m., Jan 26
Japan: 3 p.m., Jan. 27
United Kingdom: 6 a.m., Jan 27
Sydney, Australia: 5 p.m., Jan. 27


Until then, why not pass the time by jumping into the blog? Your comments won't be made public, but we can see them, so fire away!

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Watch the video stream from Kotaku Japan here too:

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