Capcom's entering the home stretch for Resident Evil 5 — or better yet, the home stretch of the home stretch. The game's out next spring, and the game's producer, Jun Takeuchi, hinted to game site Eurogamer than an announcement was forthcoming. When quizzed about possible RE5 DLC, Takeuchi replied it was something they were thinking about, adding, "We do get that question a lot, and people seem to want it, so it's possible that it's something we would like to respond to." Currently, the team is focused on getting RE5 out the door (and hopefully minimizing long Devil May Cry 4 style load times). What's next for Takeuchi? The producer, while not confirming or announcing anything, did offer a very diplomatic comment regarding a possible remake of fan favorite Resident Evil 2. "You know, I think there is the demand for it. It's certainly something we would like to consider and think about," said Takeuchi, "but, quite frankly our hands are full with Resident Evil 5 right now, and trying to get that out of the door, so we're going to have to put all of our focus on Resident Evil 5 for the moment." Yeah, let the Capcom execs think about remakes. Resident Evil 5 [Eurogamer via 1Up]