We've Already Found The Best Video Game Mod Of 2014 [UPDATE]

UPDATE (3:30pm): What we first thought was a bug is actually an intentional fan project, according to Telltale, the company behind The Wolf Among Us. "This is actually a fan made modification using existing game animation assets from a previous episode," a Telltale rep tells us. (The episode in question.) Kotaku's… » 4/15/14 12:55pm 4/15/14 12:55pm

Using The Oculus Rift While Drunk Does Not Look Like A Good Time

The Oculus Rift is a wonderful thing, but it takes a lot out of you, physically. You need to be at your best while using it, because there's a lot of stuff going on between your eyes and your brain. This guy is not at his best, and it has cost him dearly. » 4/13/14 10:32pm 4/13/14 10:32pm