The Countdown To Halo: Reach Invasion Week Begins

Halo: Reach is only a week away, and Microsoft is counting down the days with previews, themes, and other downloadable goodies, leading up to the Halo: Reach Invasion Week on Xbox Live. » 9/07/10 12:20pm 9/07/10 12:20pm

Halo Legends DVD Review: Ring Around The Halo Universe

Delve deeper into the Halo Universe with seven animated shorts from acclaimed animation studios in Halo Legends. Does anime and Master Chief mix? » 2/17/10 12:20pm 2/17/10 12:20pm

Your Rough Guide To The Studios Behind Halo Legends

On February 16, anime Halo Legends was released on home video. The project was financed by Microsoft's Halo arm 343 Industries and created by some of the biggest names in Japanese animation. But who are these names? » 2/17/10 2:00am 2/17/10 2:00am

Halo Legends Hits Blu-ray, DVD Today... Who's Getting It?

Microsoft's foray into the animated adventures of Halo is now officially available at your local retailer of fine DVDs and Blu-rays, offering Master Chief fans seven short films based on the popular Xbox shooter. Anyone getting it? » 2/16/10 6:40pm 2/16/10 6:40pm

Halo Legends' "Homecoming" Is Having A Bad Day

Hey Halo fans, were you totally pumped after seeing that preview clip for "The Package" the other day? You were. Totally. Well, ere's another preview, this one for "Homecoming". » 1/22/10 6:30am 1/22/10 6:30am

Halo Meets Appleseed Meets Cowboy Bebop

In case you missed the Halo Waypoint preview of "The Package", the Halo Legends short created under Shinji Aramaki of Appleseed fame and written by Cowboy Bebop's Dai Sato, here's a short clip of the CGI Spartans in action. » 1/08/10 1:20pm 1/08/10 1:20pm

Halo Legends DVD Release Dated And Detailed

Halo anime anthology Halo Legends is coming to North American DVD and Blu-Ray on February 16th. Which of the three versions will you be picking up? » 1/07/10 11:40am 1/07/10 11:40am

Halo Legends: Origins Rings In New Year With Final Preview

The final episode of 343 Industries' series of animated shorts set in the Halo universe will get its showing next week. Studio 4oC's Halo Legends "Origins" wraps up the preview program on Halo Waypoint on Saturday, January 2. » 12/23/09 3:00pm 12/23/09 3:00pm

Halo Legends Dated For Japan, First Look At Movie Cover [Update]

Halo Legends, Microsoft's collaboration with some of the biggest productions house of the anime industry, has a Japanese release date. The film will be released February 16, 2010 on DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms. » 12/01/09 7:00am 12/01/09 7:00am

Halo Waypoint Saturday Feature: The Duel

Every Saturday is video day in Halo Waypoint, and this week features the debut of "The Duel," the next episode from The Halo Legends anime anthology. » 11/20/09 12:40pm 11/20/09 12:40pm

Halo Waypoint Still Evolving, May Eventually Have Gameplay

What started conceptually as a hub for Halo content on the Xbox 360 may develop into something more, the creative director for the new Halo Waypoint Xbox destination told Kotaku. » 10/20/09 1:40pm 10/20/09 1:40pm

Big Halo 3 ODST Sales And The Return Of Master Chief

With Halo 3: ODST selling 2.5 million copies within two weeks of release, Microsoft talks to USA Today about the future of the franchise, merchandising, and the possibly return of Master Chief. » 10/08/09 1:20pm 10/08/09 1:20pm

Spike Showing Halo Legends Anime Clips Tonight

The Halo Legends won't be out for months. Spike will be airing up to seven minutes of it tonight. The shot above is clipped from that clip. » 9/17/09 5:00pm 9/17/09 5:00pm

Famed Anime Director Learned About Halo From His Wife

Production I.G.'s Shinji Aramaki was introduced introduced to the Halo franchise by someone near and dear to his heart: His better half. » 8/07/09 2:00am 8/07/09 2:00am

But, What Is The Ghost In The Shell Director Doing?

Originally when Halo Legends, the series of anime shorts, was announced, the role of Ghost In The Shell director Mamoru Oshii was unknown. » 7/28/09 7:00am 7/28/09 7:00am

Halo: Legends Posters Will Change The Way You Think About Halo

The upcoming anime series, Halo: Legends, will be a little...different to what you normally expect from the franchise. That's what happens when you get people from Japan to work on it. But are you prepared for just how different? » 7/27/09 10:20pm 7/27/09 10:20pm

Video Games Inescapable At Comic-Con

The San Diego Comic-Con draws more than a hundred thousand people from around the world each year to revel in all things pop-culture. But last weekend's gathering also highlighted the strengthening connection between comic books and video games. » 7/27/09 11:00am 7/27/09 11:00am

Halo Waypoint Further Detailed By Microsoft

Microsoft's announcement of Halo Waypoint, the Halo "destination" coming to Xbox Live this Fall, was light on details, overshadowed by the reveal of the Halo Legends anime series. Fortunately, 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor was at Comic-Con to clear things up. » 7/25/09 1:30pm 7/25/09 1:30pm