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Halo Legends' "Homecoming" Is Having A Bad Day

Illustration for article titled Halo Legends Homecoming Is Having A Bad Day

Hey Halo fans, were you totally pumped after seeing that preview clip for "The Package" the other day? You were. Totally. Well, ere's another preview, this one for "Homecoming".


It's...yeah. Any of you see Gotham Knight? Same deal as Halo Legends; a bunch of Japanese studios put together a collection of animated shorts, all based on Batman. A couple were amazing, the rest awful, leaving you wondering why they didn't just get the guys who made the good ones to make the whole thing.


I hope Halo: Legends doesn't end up like that.

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Man, that shit sucked. Every one only needed one hit to go down from any weapon. Seriously, I thought in Halo, the Assault Rifle was supposed to suck (especially in Combat Evolved), and yet this one kicks ass in the trailer.

And what the hell happened to the shield for the Elite? I could have sworn that the Elites had shields and required more than one AR bullet to kill them.

I liked some of the other anime shorts, but this one... Fuck that shit.

Man, this just isn't my day (I know, had to jump on the bandwagon).