Halo Waypoint Saturday Feature: The Duel

Every Saturday is video day in Halo Waypoint, and this week features the debut of "The Duel," the next episode from The Halo Legends anime anthology.

"The Duel" takes us back in time thousands of years to the dawn of the Covenant, where a shamed Elite defies his Arbiter fate and embarks on a mission of revenge against those that have wrong him. It all sounds so very Halo 2, doesn't it?


"The Duel" features a striking classic watercolor anime look, courtesy of Production I.G, the studio behind Blood: The Last Vampire, Ghost in the Shell, and FLCL.

Remember, the episode will only be available for 24 hours, so once Saturday ends, so does your chance to see it. Check out the full video schedule below to help plan out your next two months of Saturdays.

Halo Waypoint Saturday Video Schedule:

"The Duel" Nov. 21, 2009
Making of "The Duel" Nov. 28, 2009
"The Package" Part 1 Dec. 5, 2009
"The Package" Part 2 Dec. 12, 2009
Making of "The Package" Dec. 19, 200
"Origins" Part 1 Jan. 2, 2010
Making of "Origins" Jan. 9, 2010
Trailers of upcoming episodes Feb. 2, 2010


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