Halo Waypoint Becomes Destination For Halo Fans This Fall

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Microsoft has more than just Halo 3 ODST to whip the Halo fanbase into a lather this fall. It's also launching the Halo Waypoint on Xbox Live, a "destination" for fans of Bungie's space marine creation.


Halo Waypoint will give fans their first peek at the Halo Legends anime series of shorts, with "select" episodes debuting on Live. Halo Legends won't hit DVD and other digital formats until next year, courtesy of Warner Bros.

Waypoint will also feature content including podcasts, trailers and screen shots, some of it exclusive to the "experience." Microsoft will also offer fans a "career system" and player rankings tied to "in-game and out-of-game accomplishments."

Considering the Halo series' previous out-of-game hype building tactics, we'd imagine Microsoft and the newly christened 343 Industries have something fans will lap up.



So, to all of the people who hate the halo series...

Have you played it?

Do you own an xbox 360?

Are you complaining about the series just because you are a jealous fanboy?

Do you know anything about the extended halo universe, including reach, harvest, the shield worlds and the engineers?

So please tell me why you think the series is so bad! The series takes place in an awesome universe and is tons of fun to play.

The series isn't nearly as milked and dragged out as some other games and even anime like naruto and bleach!

Thats what I thought...