Your Rough Guide To The Studios Behind Halo Legends

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On February 16, anime Halo Legends was released on home video. The project was financed by Microsoft's Halo arm 343 Industries and created by some of the biggest names in Japanese animation. But who are these names?


If you like Halo Legends, you might like the studios that are behind each animated episode. Even if you do not like Halo Legends, you still might like the other flicks they have done.

Studio 4°C
The studio behind "The Babysitter" and "Origins" in Halo Legends. Check out the surreal Mind Game and the dazzling Tekkonkinkreet.

Production I.G
The studio behind "The Duel" and "Homecoming" in Halo Legend. Notable works include Ghost in The Shell, Blood: The Last Vampire and Patlabor.

Casio Entertainment
The entertainment arm of Casio, responsible for "The Package" in Halo Legends. Casio Entertaiment also worked on live-action film Dai-Nipponjin, the first from from comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto.

The studio created "Prototype" for Halo Legends and is known for created anime versions of licensed properties like Fullmetal Alchemist. Darker Than Black is a true stand out.

Toei Animation
The long standing giant of the anime industry contributed "Odd One Out" to Halo Legends. With a catalogue of works dating back to the 1950s, it's hard to pick a handful. Notables include (but are not limited to) Cutie Honey, Dr. Slump Arale-chan and GeGeGe no Kitaro — among many, many more like Sailor Moon, One Piece and most recently, Kaidan Restaurant.



I'd say Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist are far more stand-out Bones properties than Darker Than Black.

Man, The Animatrix really started a nice trend of anime short compilations, didn't it? First that film, then Batman: Gotham Knight, now we've got Halo and the Dante's Inferno compliations.