Halo Anime: Watch Some Now

On Friday night, Spike TV showed, amongst a ton of Halo 3: ODST coverage, a preview of the upcoming Halo anime project, Halo Legends.


Here's just the anime stuff. Looks...better than I was expecting, actually. Nice blend of ham-it-up chit-chat and some more serious, knife-in-the-neck kind of stuff.



My God... This comments section is like a cesspool of the minds. The worst of the East and West.

On one side, you have the Halo fans who are so into western military storytelling, with blood, grit and sweat that are almost palpable, starring a bunch of muscled-up G.I.s going into yet another situation thousands of other stories have gone through. Who hate this because it's styled like a Japanese cartoon. (This makes up a large percentage of the Halo fanbase)

On the other side you have the die-hard Japanese anime fans, who think anything styled to be remotely like something to come out of Japan is purely amazing, and are bitching at the other side for rejecting it and denying any shortcomings this trailer may be hinting at because OMG IT'S JAPANESE.

To me, this looks very promising. The action scene looked amazing, though it was a bit awkward to see Master Chief fighting a Brute hand-to-hand as opposed to, you know, shooting. And the ODST character, the cookie-cutter cocky bastard child trying to prove himself, seems like something that may really put me off this section of the project on the whole. (I'M THE BEST [B]JEDI[/B] SHOOTER EVAR!)

I'll be looking forward to seeing more of this project.