Halo Legends: Origins Rings In New Year With Final Preview

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The final episode of 343 Industries' series of animated shorts set in the Halo universe will get its showing next week. Studio 4oC's Halo Legends "Origins" wraps up the preview program on Halo Waypoint on Saturday, January 2.

"Origins" highlights Forerunner battles with the Flood and "shed light on some of the main events of the Halo universe," according to official word. A "making of" episode of that segment will run the week after, all part of the hype cycle to get Halo fans in a lather for the release of the full Halo Legends anthology on DVD and Blu-ray in February.

And if you're still into watching those Red Vs. Blue machinima shorts, you can expect another one of those too, just in time for Christmas. The Holiday Special airs December 24 to 26, hopefully featuring a coked out Carrie Fischer and musical number from the ghost of Bea Arthur. But somehow we doubt it.

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So...they're finally going to depict the Forerunners? Visually? For the first time?

This is a defining moment for Halo canon fanbois, including myself. Also looking forward to the Forerunner Trilogy of novels next year.

Looks like the Halo universe is rounding itself out into completeness.