The Countdown To Halo: Reach Invasion Week Begins

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Halo: Reach is only a week away, and Microsoft is counting down the days with previews, themes, and other downloadable goodies, leading up to the Halo: Reach Invasion Week on Xbox Live.


Halo: Reach is Microsoft's biggest game of the year, and it's setting aside a full two weeks to help fans celebrate the game's September 14 release.

Festivities kick off today, September 7, with a Halo Reach Premium theme, available right now on Xbox Live for 240 Microsoft points. I've already purchased a copy, and it's quite attractive, as you can see.

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Each day between now and launch day brings something new. On September 8 we're getting a campaign preview. September 9 sees the Warthog avatar prop discounted by 50%. On September 10 there'll be a Firefight preview, followed by the release of the director's cut of the Deliver Hope live-action commercial on Saturday, September 11. There's a multiplayer preview on Sunday, something called the Halo: Reach Collection Update for Xbox Live avatars on Monday, and then the game hits Monday at midnight.

But wait, there's more!

When the countdown ends, Invasion Week begins, with chances to play against Bungie devs, a free Invasion Week theme, and a free Xbox Live Gold weekend running from September 17-20.


All this, plus 50% the Halo Legends anime through September 21.

Is that enough hype for you folks, or do you need more?

Halo: Reach launch festivities [ (UK version, screens taken from US version) - Thanks Ursus-Veritas!]

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I never really enjoyed the Halo universe. I played and really like the first game, but after that I just couldn't get into it anymore. Halo 2 I disliked the option to have duel wield. Halo 3 I felt like it was just a rinse & repeat game. I never actually tried Halo ODST. Absolutely LOVED Halo Wars.

With that said, I am a bit curious about Reach. Do you think for someone that never really enjoyed Halo would actually enjoy Reach? Anyone have some insights they could lend to me?