The Folks Who Made Mad Men's Intro Also Make Game Trailers

Imaginary Forces is a creative design studio that works on all kinds of stuff, from trailers to game logos. You might have seen their God of War clip, but you've definitely seen their Marvel work, as it's the "flipbook" animation that plays before every one of the company's superhero movies. Oh, and they also did the… » 12/18/14 10:00pm Thursday 10:00pm

The Best Video Game Concept Art Of 2014*

Almost every evening here on Kotaku, I run a feature called "Fine Art". It is, as the tagline says, "a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios." This post in particular, though, is going to attempt the impossible, and try and pick out a few… » 12/15/14 7:30pm Monday 7:30pm

How A Company Can "Brand" A Video Game, From Concept Art To Its Name

BASIC is a design agency that does something pretty unique, at least in the world of video games: instead of just doing concept art, or making logos, or promotional art, they kinda do a combination of all of it, helping give a game - which might otherwise be a pitch and some mechanics - a "brand". » 12/02/14 9:30pm 12/02/14 9:30pm