The Art Of Battlefield V

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Every year, the art team at DICE do some of the best work in video games, and 2018 has been no exception.

Battlefront II featured some of my favourite pieces from 2017, and some of the work that went into imagining Battlefield 1 could have been hung in a War Memorial.

That’s a theme running through to this year’s Battlefield V, whose art, while obviously mapping out locations and tone, also feels slightly reverential, as though like its subject the art itself is echoing the works of the past.

Or maybe that’s just me, and these are just loads of amazing paintings of tanks.

You’ll find links to each artist’s portfolio in their names below. And note that while this is a selection of those who contributed to the game, it’s far from everyone involved.

Tahir Tanis

Sigurd Fernstrom

Per Haagensen

Debbie Tsoi

Johannes Palmblad

Esbjörn Nord