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Win A Fable II 360 Signed By Peter Molyneux

Illustration for article titled Win A Fable II 360 Signed By Peter Molyneux

The See the Future downloadable content for Fable II is now available for purchase, and Lionhead is celebrating by giving away a unique Fable II Xbox 360 signed by the man himself, Peter Molyneux.


Lionhead's own Sam Van Tilburgh directed us to the contest, which can be entered by anyone with a free Lionhead website account, obtained by simply registering your MSN handle. You can enter the contest once between now and June 12th, with the winner being drawn and quartered notified on June 15th. The prize package includes one rare NTSC Fable II console signed by series creator Peter Molyneux and a signed copy of Fable II to go inside of it, spinning around to make pretty pictures appear on your television.

It should be an excellent way to experience the See the Future DLC sometime in the near future. Chances are slim that you'll walk away a winner, but at least you'll have tried, and that's certainly worth something. Just not a custom Fable II 360.


Fable II See The Future Prize Draw [Lionhead, Sponsored by Microsoft]

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So this is only open to 360 owners since you need a Live id to get a Lionhead account?