To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Hot and Crazy Wow, sounds like Denver is the eye of a hurricane right now... Here, it's imported beer night! While drink great domestic beer when you can pay more for beer from other countries!! Three choices: Victoria Bitter, Tiger, Negra Modelo. VB, I've actually never had — Luke says, "Eh, it's okay." Tiger, I think I've had before. Negra Modelo comes as a recommendation from Facebook friend Raul. Soooooooooo......... Which one should I start with? Oh! Today, I *finally* got a few hard copies of the arcade book I wrote from my delightful editor Cathy Layne at Kodansha International. Man, seeing the damn thing after all that hard work and actually being able to hold the finished product was indescribable, really. Still is. Maybe the best way to put it is: relief? It's actually done. Gonna launch the book's official website in early September as well as have a Japan launch party/book signing dealio in Tokyo later next month. What you missed last night "Abolutely No Final Fantasy Xbox 360 For Japan" Kojima: There's A Responsibility To Make Hardcore Games Help (Not Really) Pick Resistance 2's Cover Rumor: Next Dual Touch DS Hitting Early Next Year? Over Ten Million PSPs Sold, Top Five Games Are... Rockstar Rumor Round-Up: Max Payne 3, New PS3 Exclusive Immersion Forced To Pay Microsoft $20 Million Nintendo To You: Your Core Games Are Coming, Just Not Soon Target - No Warcraft? Here, Try This Poorly Kitten The Art Of DJ Max Fever Kojima To World - Stop Asking About MGS4 on Xbox 360