Rockstar Rumor Round-Up: Max Payne 3, New PS3 Exclusive

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New month, new issue of EGM, new round of Quartermann rumours. This time around, the two juiciest involve Rockstar. First up, that they've got an internal team working on Max Payne 3, what with original devs Remedy taking their sweet time on Alan Wake. That Rockstar team is the same one that worked on The Warriors. And second up, that Rockstar North - the GTA team - are working on an all-new game. One that's a PS3 exclusive. Of course these are totally unsubstantiated, so do with them what you do with any rumour you come along on the internet, and believe it/dismiss it as you see fit. Quartermann: Max Payne 3 and New PS3 Exclusive Coming From Rockstar? [1UP]


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@aphex_twin: And that one console would cost $2000 with $100 per year for online, since there's no competition to pricewar over. :) If you don't like it, tough, you're too poor to play games.