Kojima To World - Stop Asking About MGS4 on Xbox 360

Pro tip - if you ever meet Hideo Kojima, do NOT ask him when Metal Gear Solid 4 will be out for the 360, the DS, the Super Famicom or ANY OTHER platform.

He will not be happy.

Poor Hideo has revealed to Eurogamer that he wants to stop having to explain his platform choices and just get back to thinking about the games.

"What kind of disturbs me sometimes, because a lot of people ask me about this PS3/360 question, is that it's not about the hardware - I want people to look at the game itself. Sometimes I even feel like it should be on a PC so that people don't ask me about hardware and platforms," said Kojima


Hey, so does this mean you are going to switch to the PC now, Hideo? Hideo?

Come back! HIDEO, WAIT!

Kojima wishes people would stop asking about MGS4 on 360 [Eurogamer]

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